(Critical Reading)
Bernalecia Benedicto

Mammoth . When I first read, this word, this kind of thing, my mind goes
Being confuse . Functioning by myself finding the clear understanding instead of explicit idea it would become complicated.
The killing of the mammoth . I had really try to read even though it is hard and understand the explicit meaning of this story . As what I had read this story “ The killing of the mammoth” I found that bias, fact, information and hedging have this story. I don’t know if it only all. This story is a lot of hedging by characters line, lets like for example this sentence. The Klondike had not then been discovered and the Alaska commercial company’s steamer failing to get further than Fort Yukon, owing to the lateness of the season base on this Fort Yukon had a more information and things that they know compared with Alaska commercial company’s . Addition, I thought that it is a bias situation between two company. In a matter of fact that there a lot of fact information shared by the characters have in a story about the killing of the mammoth. By Joe who give all facts to Henrey Tukeman who wrote this story, Joe is father of his son Soon-thai that was dead . Joe explained are things he and his son experienced in the country of Indian. Tee-kai-koa or that a devils country. It line huge animals where mammoth lived. However Soon-thai is very brave and her father. This country of Tee-kai-koa a very scared place. So there are some information and among others that no need to conclude. Tukeman can get a lot of information from Joe about the country of mammoth lived. Moreover on those information had also an hedging type of interaction by the characters . Perhaps is a sometimes is a told of characters. So, more of hedging in this story others example is I racking my brains to remember what my school edition of Cuvier said about mammoth, for I had confirmed a wild idea that had flashed through my brain when the elephants picture was first noticed. And otherwise the of sentence is slanting because the old man rose and step the door of the cabin. And others made a motion to him to stay, but he shook his head. “ I am old an’ tired”, he said simply; “an ‘ to talk of soon-thai , my son, makes me week like a woman. Do not seek Tee-kai-koa, white man., lest you have no tale to tell us as I have told you. “ And stepped out into the clear, frosty night, leaving me to wonder how he had divided my thought so accurately. And the later of Joe’s account of his return from the land of Tee-kai-ko. So, this mountain on the side of the valley opposite that on which he had entered it, and found on the further side of the mountains high, precipitous cliffs, which he had the greatest difficulty in descending. And the other paragraph there are a hedging because in the tribe of Indians wintering the Fort Yukon was an active, intelligent young named Paul, who spoke English well, and was always in demand during the summer months as a pilot on the steamer of the A.C company. So this paragraphs is full of hedging because is not directly attempt to tackle an issue, or conscious effort to avoid making a clear stand an issue. Paul had a strain of white blood veins, derived, doubtless, from some hardy Scotchman of the old company, and I found, after becoming intimate with him, that he had as much curiosity as I had about Tee-kai-kao and a profound contempt for the superstition of its being a “devil.” So, the character is a explain the experiences of the mine of Africa in the ‘ 70’s he proposed, in the most matter-of-fact way and off together during the coming summer, and bag the mammoth, if he really was there. This paragraph explain how the absolutely unique specimen of hands taxidermists in civilization . And nothing heavier than a couple of Lee-Metfords , which had never tried, even as an elephants rifle to be still less suitable as a mammoth slayer. This sentence is a hedging information because of this sentence as we can read or see this is a not directly tackle on the issue or making a clear stand an issue. I shook old Joe cordially by the hand, and promise to avoid the ‘devils’s footprint” country, though I think the old fellow had a vague suspicion of what I had in mind, roused by many questions throughout the winter . A round the of presents to the Indians Joe pretty daughter made departure more easy, for had become excellent friends with the tribe.
This sentence is a characterize by the slanting because of manipulating perception . On the nineteenth day after leaving Fort Yukon, we arrived at the mouth of the “little river” described by the character easily identified by a high, sandy bank on the right hand. Soon –thai’s object in climbing it had probably been to inspect some massive bones which projected from fifty feet up.
This paragraph show it is a opinion because state this line my birthday I collect we come to the blazed tree. Cached our stuff, pushing on to look the route have a peep at the devil country.
6th everything was ready and before daylight we place our riffes and cartridges in our station in the tree. We started out, and by 10 A.M had located our quarry, about three miles away . A very quiet breeze was blowing in the tree tops . We fired armful of dry wood. And started to back as fast as we could run ; but the moment the smoke rose, that terrible the earth vibrate as the mammoth charged down in our direction. So this text a critical reading it show that you make to understand by the paragraph because it is a hard to understand word by word this text show of the bias, slanting, and hedging , opinion and others information so the character give more idea to the readers how to understand and make a critical reading .
Criticize by: Bernalecia Benedicto
Author: Henry Tukeman


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