By: Vera Mae Aquino

The story of “The Killing of the Mammoth” is a true story that was narrated by Henry Tukeman which also that the author and one of the character in the story was also Henry Tukeman, it shows here a part of a story of the life of Henry Tukeman with Paul. The story and adventures of Henry Tukeman was alpha because of his curiosity about the yarn that he collected from the old tribesmen who told the in the broken patois, Tukeman is very interested on the story of this tribesmen. So his adventures with Paul begin, until. Henry Tukeman preserved the specimen of the mammoth, now named “Conradi Mammoth” Henry Tukeman barter the specimen to Mr.Conradi for the Washington Hall.
In the first paragraph the author shows bias because it focusses about what Mr. Henry Tukeman which is also the author, he agreed to Mr.Conradi offer, the re-purchased of the specimen for the Washington Hall, which is now the Smithsonian Museum in the USA (United States of the America.) I can say that there is a bias because it stated that he cannot refused to Mr.Conradi because the offer of it was a triple magnitude than he expected than to his other sources which he needed because he is only a poor man and he maybe think that it could really help him in his needs. And the author only focussed on its own point of view, he is the author and also one of the character on story.

Henry Tukeman travelled way in the St. Michaels and the Yukon River to Alaska. He found himself when the winter set in. When Mr.Henry is in the Fort Yukon he met a small tribe of Indian that live at the Fort Yukon. In this paragraph the author describes the Fort Yukon that were only four or 4 whites who was living there at that time during 1890. The author uses facts in this 2nd paragraph for which is, the text or the content of his text were said to be true, that the civilization which is the Hudson Bay Company that the northwestern limits the of their trade on the Pacific Slope, and from the Arctic Circle and to the Atlantic coast of stormy Labrador. In present, the civilization still continue the author state the Year of it on 1890. The author Mr. Henry Tukeman delineate a very small detailed about the place, and the people who was living there, and besides their traditions to, until the old tribesmen started to share some experiences which Henry Tukeman listened carefully even the old tribesmen was patois.

Author used claim of value which the Hudson Bay Company abandoned the Fort Yukon, yet it states that Tukeman the author of the killing of the mammoth, “Hudson Bay man”. The Hudson Bay Company abandoned Fort Yukon because of the un paid account.

There are many hedging in the story, most of I noticed in this article, for example the sentence states that why Hudson Bay Company abandoned the Fort Yukon, where did they have this unpaid account, Henry Tukeman must state the sentence completely in order for the reader must clearly understand the point or the story you want to inform for your reader, the using of an’ and why it is only mammoth that has or have survive and was killed by both of them Paul and Henry.

Also hedging and slanting why the author state in the sentence that Henry told to Paul about the elephant shooting experience of him in the the Africa in the 70’s, and then Paul proposed in most believing or fact ways that they should go off together during the summer of coming and bag the mammoth, if it is really out there, even though Paul told to Henry Lukeman and Paul is much more eager with the for the fortune they could get in exchange for the mammoth, when he told that he never even tried the lee-met .fords, even elephant rifle. The first sentence indicates that he had experience on holding and using a rifle cause he have elephant shooting experience in Africa, so its not that clear what the author really wants to tells for his readers. The paragraph is not clear, and the idea of it was indirectly and not directly stated. Which can lead to the reader or makes reader confused about what his/her reading especially if the field of your reader isn’t that good in english and mostly are not used to used or cannot jargons.

Bias didn’t introduce Paul well, the description of Paul is to short, he only describe that Paul doesn’t have kith nor kin that Paul should look after, he may also share or describe how he Mr.Tukemen met Paul, even he admired Paul for being strong, active, full of initiative and Paul can surpassed or passed and overcome all of the challenges they faced in the middle of their way to get through the mammoth, Tee-Kia-Koa. The description for Paul that the author didn’t satisfy me or it didn’t reached my expectation. But then he may also states why Paul is so eager in the fortune they could get from the exchange of the specimen of the mammoth that Indians called it Tee-Kai-Koa. Most of the sentence is all about Mr. Henry Tukeman, which is also the author, he only mind his view when they were in the middle of finding and catch the mammoth the Tee-Kai-Koa.

In general the author of the killing of the mammoth which is Henry Tukeman he was a great writer because he was very good in how he narrate and describe the article such as the setting were article happened and the characters. Nevertheless the writer use unfamiliar words which are confusable and cannot be easily understand by the other reader. Even himself is also a character in the said article in addition of that there are many technical errors that occur in the article.


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