H. Tukeman

According to,woolly mammoths became extinct thousands years ago.but in October 1890 a story in titled “the killing of the mammoth “appeared in Mc clure’s magazine in which narraton name H.Tukeman described how he had recently hunted down and killed what are possible the last surviving mammoth in the Alaska wilderness

Acccording to the tale,tukeman was travelling through Alaska in 1890 .at fort Yukon he met an old Indian name “Joe “ he show some pictures from a scrapbook ,and one of the pictures to be of an elephant .seeing the picture Joe became excited and began to tell Tukeman on  how he had once seen a similar creature a living a nearby mountain valley.

Tukeman determined to find the creature the old Indian had described. He hired an Indian guide, and together the two men travelled to the location described by Joe ,sure enough, they found still there bathing in a mountain river ,the creature was nothing less than a woolly mammoth “there he stood in a  title cleaning the great beast that only one  other living man.

Tearing up  the greate masses of licheneous moss and feeding as an elephant feeds working on the premise that the creature that would be attracted to  smoke the two men built a large bonfire and as I expected the mammoth eventually rushed over to inspect the blaze when the animal was hear the two men shot it repeatedly from their building hiding place in the tress it was deed

As the mammoth was dying tukeman admitted feeling some guilt “  feeling of pity and shame crept over me as I watched the failing strength of his Mighty prehistoric monarch whom I had out wide and then despoiled of a thousand years  of harmless  existence ,when the mammoth lay dead the two mean carefully preserved its hide and bones by burning the grond

The two men travelled back to san Francisco, where tukeman met a naturalist called Mr.conradi offered the millions of dollars to purchase the remains of the mammoth .tukeman accepted the offer and journal back to the site where he had buried the mammoth ,di dis Intirea transferred its remains into Mr. conradi’s possession the story endd with tukeman nothing that the most generally accepted theory therefore has been that Mr.conrad found the carcass frozen in a iceberg in the arctic ocean the measurement exactly as taken by me, were handed to Smithsonian ,and accepted without guestion as his own

This tale appeared in McClure’s magazine was very pure fiction ,and was labeled it as such in the magazine table of contents .however huge numbers of readers were fooled by the realistic tone of the narrative and wrote both to the magazine and to the Smithsonian expressing outage that the last mammoth had been shot .so many people in the world wrote in that magazine have publish a statement in a subseguent  issue explaining that “killing of the mammoth “had simple a work of fiction their read as follow

The killing of the mammoth “by H. tukeaman was a printed purely as fiction with no idea of misleading the public and was entitled a story in our table of contents .we doubt if any writer of realistic fiction over had a more general and convincing proof of success

About twenty miles below our first camp we had found a clump of spruce trees larger than any we had given in the valley and her we set to work at one side of two largest trees ,and across a small within this a mass of dry and rotten wood, and leaving and others we felled and drew up erection of five rounds og logs and place within thin could crawl in and light it .on top of the house together with green birch when the structure was completed

“soon-Thai is brave was very brave to tell to the country tee-Hoa the devil’s footprint to object in climbing it had probably been to inspects some massive bones which projected from a ledge about fifty feet up .above were the cave or tunnel as it more properly was it was about 200 feet long and wide enough for three men to walk abreast .the entire length was literally paved with gigantic mammoth bones ,which made even the matter of fact to create in any piece of spinal vertebrae and was easy to find the solid bullet

The mammoth had now up to within three miles of the wood-pile .having first located him we laid pieces of dry selected a large tree into which when directly in line having done this for about a mile half to standing on the  ladder pegs we crept back and were lucky enough to find a mammoth

The rest of  the story we get a few words to know about the chandelar and thence to Yukon and finding steamer to san Francisco there accident and finding him deeply interested in zoology in the half secret prize we had left on the banks of the Europe something the value of the canon

Presentation during the testimony to the wonderful patience and skill of American taxidermist which now occupies the new wing of the museum has been so fully pictured in the magazines and newspaper of every country in the civilized world has not his picture been hug on the line in the royal academy this year that is the idle of the speak of the feeling of awe inspired by the sight of the beast.

We had time from time to time reconnoitered ,and found that the mammoth was slowly working towards first remarkable we thought that we should have found the place where the Indians had seen him years ,we were  I had heard the scream of an angry bull elephant ,the roar of an lion in Africa lion and log pile my chance conjecture had evidently hit the mark ,the mammoth with instinct volcanoes were active and fire was the only dreade..











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