By: Vernalecia Benedicto


In my opinion, Imposition of ROTC in SHS Curriculum is a good reason to enhance or to develop our skills. I agree to the imposition of ROTC to prepare their particular skill of the student, because for a good discipline their attitude to become a good leader and become a good follower of civilization and because of ROTC students build their skills to improve of what really are about their self. Also ROTC believes to instill discipline and patriotism among the youth. Moreover, ROTC is discipline the youth to prevent drug addiction instead of drug addiction instead of drug addiction we are focus to study the ROTC  training to love our country to improve our loving country to abuse bad attitude and bad intension to the student, ROTC prevent the war from the civilians also to help prevent the war of NPA. SHS students protect the campus to the student bad record or bad attitude outbreak the war inside the campus. Otherwise ROTC is important to conduct in this to SHS Curriculum to protect ourselves to discipline our attitude and other student. Moreover ROTC advantages is how to develop technical and leadership skills, structured path to career after college, defense our self to prepare to the problems about the country also ROTC is a good training to the SHS student to National defense act that’s why ROTC is very important to SHS student and really really agree to the ROTC imposition in SHS student Curriculum.


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