By: Liezel Joy T. Valdez

The topic that was given to us is the imposition of the ROTC in SHS curriculum. ROTC stands for Reserve Officers Training Corps. President Rodrigo Roa Duterte wants to revive the mandatory military training program in the country’s school, this time for those in Grade 11 and 12 believing this will develop discipline and patriotism among the youth.

Base on what I have research about ROTC in the Philippines before it was abolished. The advantages of ROTC is having a Military Leadership, Disaster Response , Map Reading, Rope Course and Jungle Survival Skills, Infantry Weapons, Rappelling, Self-defense , First Aid and etc. Nevertheless it has disadvantages such as : instead of developing patriotism and nationalist consciousness among youth it instilled the sub-culture of fear and violence and outright discrimination and sexism.

For me, as I Senior High School Student I am not in favor in making ROTC to be part of our curriculum. Why? Because base on what I have research and read about ROTC, this only cause burden to us. Furthermore, it can affect our academics because instead of using our time in studying and making our requirements will undergo trainings and can make  our schedules in conflict too. This are just some of possible effects that I can say if we have ROTC as part of our curriculum.


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