By: Mary Joy Basañez


Reserve Officer’ Training Corps (ROTC) in the Philippines is a big yes for me. Why? For the reason that it promotes discipline to the students. Discipline, that’s one of the most important thing that everyone must have to promote peace, unity and development in the society. However, how could a man be disciplined if nowadays, we’re surrounded by technologies that could make anyone lazy (if not controlled) and house bills that protect everybody’s rights? You see, this world’s full of mean teens and spoiled brats that:  don’t even know how to greet teachers, that skip first period in the morning, race motorbikes at night with roaring engines that could probably wake Sleeping Beauty up, laugh and talk nonsense things during class hours (obviously ignoring the teacher talking in front) and lastly, they don’t know how to follow orders. So tell me, honestly, what kind of individuals are we? We’re irresponsible, insensitive, naughty and wicked individuals that need to be disciplined.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte not only want ROTC to be mandatory  to promote discipline, but for  us to be physically fit and time conscious . In addition, ROTC  instills patriotism, love of country, moral and spiritual values, respect for human rights and adherence to Constitution. Generally, most of the citizens of the Philippines agreed on the mandatory, military program that will be required for the grade 12 students.

To further defense my position on the issue of ROTC, I like to site some point from the internet “Our biggest resource is human resource, so we need to train everybody in preparation for calamities, earthquake, super typhoons na lagi naman nangyayari” (CNN Philippines, 2017)


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