BY: Yzel Joy Amoyoc


The imposition of ROTC in the Senior High School Curriculum, Reserve officer training Corps (RORC) in the Philippines is one of the components of the NSTP, the civil education and training for students  to mobilize them for national defense preparedness . Its specific objectives include preparation of students for service in the armed forces of the Philippines. ROTC help students to be discipline well to loved our country, moral and spiritual, values ,and respect for human rights ,joining ROTC isn’t not bad what other think we can also benefit in this training to develop their self. For me, I agree to implement at the ROTC is one way to make sure you get the most out of your college experience also to be ready if you encounter a danger and you can protect yourself into the bad people that can hurt you physically, and also if their course is criminology, guard, soldier and etc, to have a knowledge about ROTC, also to discipline their own self and to respect other fellow countrymen and etc.


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