By: Vera Mae D. Aquino

ROTC or Reserve Officer Training Corps began since 1912 in the Philippines. It was like a tradition to the Filipino people to that have, or ROTC in University’s in the Philippines the first University that imposed ROTC was the University of the Philippines or UP on July 3,1922 ( Wikipedia, 2017).

Until that the implementation of mandatory stopped in 2001 when University of Santo Tomas student and ROTC member Mark Welson Chua was found dead after exposing the alleged corruption in his unit..The ROTC has since been offered as an optional program under the national Service Training Program (NSTP) trough Republic act 9163.

Other components of NSTP include the Civic Welfare Training Service, which allows students to teach basic skills in public schools (Anonymous,2016).

But ROTC has also disadvantages, the fraternity that was knew before that was started in one of the service somewhere in such University’s, ROTC a violent past. ROTC mandatory again is also not tantamount to magically instilling nationalism in the Filipino youth. In contrast, he program has in fact led to countless violations of students’ rights. The ROTC program has long been criticized for being an avenue for continuing abuse and violence against student’s cadets. In our education system, in fact, no other education program holds the most violent record.

ROTC help students to be discipline well, patriotism to our loved country, moral and spiritual values, respect for human rights and adherence to Constitution. Joining ROTC isn’t that bad as what we think we can also benefit in this training they can develop their self to become a new one, well improve one.

So what I am saying is , I am agree for reviving the ROTC that will be applied to the Senior  High School students, grade 11 and 12. It will help us to be prepare in any situation in it will transform to a tough one. It will discipline the students and children, people teenagers now days are lack of discipline. Some of them do not respect elders; they spend more time to their peers than to their family, which results of leading them to the dark side. Children and teenagers are lack of attention, so in order for them to be disciplined they should revive the ROTC. And it will also for preparing them, it is not now hard in finding militaries.

Therefore ROTC is not a hindrance for the studies, even though the training for this is difficult, but then it can help the country to be prepared. ROTC must revert for the sake of our country.


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