by:Russel Angot



Chapter 1



            According to Drzewicka and Wojciechowska (2016), nowadays, teenagers have changed in comparison with the teen in the past, taking into account eating habits, an active way of life spending free time and clothes. For teens in today’s world mobile phones, internet, music, movies, television and video games are very important.

At Southern Christian College, a private Christian school run by the United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP), teenagers are playing with friends, staying at the cafeteria, or staying at the library during free time. These teenagers are more engaged in their natural environment during free time when they are in school premises.

Hence, the researchers are prompted to conduct a study to determine the preferred pastime activities of junior high school students of Southern Christian College, both inside and outside the school premises. This study will help the school’s faculty and staff and also the parents and guardians in knowing and understanding the behavior and interest of their students and children.

Statement of the Problem

  1. What are the preferred pastime activities of the junior high school students of Southern Christian College?
  2. What are the common among the preferred pastime activities of the junior high school students of Southern Christian College?
  3. What are some of the effects of their pastime activities to their behavior and personality?


This study was conducted to determine the preferred pastime activities of junior high        school students of Southern Christian College. More specifically, this study sought to determine:

  1. The preferred pastime activities of the junior high school students nowadays.
  2. The common among the preferred pastime activities of the junior high school students nowadays.
  3. Some effects in the behavior and personality of the junior high school students in connection with their preferred pastime activities.


Date and Place

School year 2016-2017 at Southern Christian College



Significance of the Study

            The finding of this study will benefit the following:

            Teachers. This study will enable the teachers to understand the behavior of their students inside and outside the classroom premises.

Parents. This study will help the parents in understanding the behaviors and changes of their child/children in connection with the present society.

Guidance Councilor. This study will prompt the school guidance councilors to look into the behaviors of the students and to evaluate them so that the guidance councilors can come up and formulate different activities for the development and improvement of the students.


School Administrators. This study will benefit the school administrators to look into the behavior of the students so that they can come up and make improvements with the school’s facilities in developing and improving the students.


Scope and Limitation

This research used the quantitative method, specifically the descriptive design, in determining the preferred pastime activities of junior high school students of Southern Christian College. Associated to this study is the gathering of information and data regarding some effects of the pastime activities in the behavior and personality of the respondents. Sixty junior high school students are the respondents of the study that is composed of fifteen students per year level. The gathering of data and other needed information was done at Southern Christian College, Midsayap, Cotabato. This study was done for the second semester of school year 2016-2017.



Chapter 2



Common Pastime Activities of Teenagers

All teenagers are different and like to do different things. Many like to spend their free time with friends, shopping, going to parties, using the computer for games or other online activities, social networking, texting, watching movies, reading and going to the beach or park (HealthyFamilies BC, 2014).

Pastime Activities of Teenagers in the Philippine Context

The usage of social media by Filipinos will amaze you. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are the top most profiles used especially by teenagers and young adult (Sienasmec, 2015).  Most Filipino Youth now enjoy mostly on texting, surfing the net and are more on the couch-potato type, those who just sit down, watch television and eat all the time… (Tisha, 2013).

Effects of the Pastime Activities of Teenagers Nowadays

Texting, instagraming and facebooking has turned our children into a generation of mindless drones who can only interact when they’re behind a keyboard, earpiece, speaker or headset–anything else is just too scary (Torres, 2015).

In the age of the New Media and exponential technological advancements, we have the capacity to do more, reach more people, and act earlier – but the caveat is that we must use these resources responsibly (Sebastian, A., 2014).

The impact that social media has on us is up for us to decide (Crawford et al., 2015).


Theoretical Framework

The interest of teenagers in hanging out around streets corners with friends rather than take part in sports or organized activities can be correlated with the term “Kevin the teenager’s effect” wherein Kevin Patterson, a character created and played by the British comedian, Harry Enfield, is a stereotypical British teenager who found everything “too boring”. It even makes boys more likely to take risks and argue with their parents, just like Enfield’s classic character from the hit 1990s show. Harry Enfield may have turned the teenage years into a comedy with his creation Kevin the Teenager – but for many families this is a period of intense and sometimes relationship-threatening stress (Murfitt and Reilly, 2011). Teenagers of today’s generation may be having this approach because education researchers have proved that children aged between 12 and 15 would not be persuaded to turn their backs on the street because of more leisure facilities (Anonymous, 2004).

Meanwhile, there is a new teen trend which is called vamping (as in vampires). Danah Boyd describes “vamping” as a time when kids can socialize together, free from structure and adults’ prying eyes (The Conversation UK, 2015). It is a name for teens staying up too late and posting on social media (Penn, 2014). This presents how teenagers are more likely influenced by the internet and social media.

This hypothesize that the use of technology by teenagers causes them to do or to become what they are watching and they tend to stay up too late at night which is free from adults’ prying eyes just to go over their social media accounts and socialize with their peers.


Conceptual Framework

In view of the literature presented, the figure below shows how pastime activities affects the teenagers’ behavior and personality.


  Independent Variable                                     Dependent Variable

Pastime Activities









Chapter 3




Research Design

The descriptive method was used to achieve the objectives of this study.

Research Locale

This study was conducted at Southern Christian College (SCC), Midsayap, Cotabato. SCC is a private Christian educational institution that is run by United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP).


The respondents of this study was composed of sixty junior high school students.  There were fifteen from Grade-7, fifteen from Grade-8, fifteen from Grade-9, and fifteen from Grade-10. They were selected through quota and convenience sampling.

Research Instrument

The survey questionnaire was used to elicit the data needed in this study. The questions knew the preferred pastime activities of junior high school students of Southern Christian College.


Data-Gathering Procedure

The data was drawn from sixty junior high school students of Southern Christian College. Each respondent was asked to answer the questionnaire.

Data Analysis Procedure

            The data was analyzed using statistical analysis and was presented in themes.


Work Schedule

Activities November December January February March
Concept and Instrument Development
Proposal Defense


Data Collection



Data analysis



Final Defense



Budgetary Requirements

Expenditures Second Semester


Printing of materials ₱ 200.00
Plastic folder ₱ 24.00
Wifi Load ₱ 200.00
Fare and meals during the gathering of data ₱ 300.00
Total ₱ 724.00


















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